Sandpaper latters

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Sanded letters are classic Montessori material from the Speech Development section. The vowels are arranged on red tiles and the consonants are blue, following the sound pattern of the word.

The child traces the shape of the letters with the finger, thus creating muscle memory and training the child's hand in the process of writing in handwritten letters.

One-sided and double-sided handwriting alphabets are available. The tiles are made of high quality wood and are 10x12 cm in size.

What is unique about this training material is that it focuses attention on one aspect of language development while being interesting and engaging for the child (he wants to touch the letters and handle them). When presenting each letter to the child, the adult follows it and tells the sound of the letter as the child watches. Then the child follows the letter and says the sound. This means that for each sound the child will use several senses - his eyes, his hearing and the touch of his hand.

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