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Gifts also change. They are a way of communicating and becoming more personal with the idea of giving meaning and message to people. Therefore, their choice also has to be more original.

Gifts with a cause are just that - they are unique, they bring a message, they help someone and "pass on" the stories to the people who create them and to those who support them.

     Make the occasions for celebration for your colleagues even more important and positive.

     Turn the attention of your business partners into a shared message.

     Present a product or service with a cause of Bulgarian social enterprises.

Contact us at to receive a special offer for corporate gifts with a cause, tailored to your requirements and needs. We will be happy to help you!

On this page we publish thematic catalogs with gifts with a cause for special occasions of your company, its employees and business partners.

     Shop for a cause, Make sense!


Xmas Catalogue 2022