Terms for registration on the Platform

The present Terms and conditions for registration on the Platform are obligatory for all social enterprises/organizations that wish to advertise their products and/or services at the Platform “DarPazar”. Please look them through carefully before sending your request for registration on the Platform. If you have questions or need of assistance, you may contact us at hello@dapazar.bg.


1. Who can register?

Registration on the Platform is open to:

  • Public benefit organizations registered under the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities that perform mission related economic activity;
  • Business companies that are sole ownership to public benefit organizations registered under the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities;
  • Chitalishta (community-based organizations);
  • Social enterprises that are registered in the Notational for Social Enterprises within the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

The Administrator of the present website cannot be held responsible for any illegal or dishonest economic activity of an organization/social enterprise that is registered on the Platform. If such is identified, the Administrator may refuse registration or may terminate it.    
Dishonest economic activity is also considered to be the systematic unjustified violation of the obligations and the ethical rules that are listed below and are obligatory for organizations/social enterprises registered on the Platform.

2. How to register?

Step 1: Fill in the online form for registration on the Platform. This includes to create a User Profile (user name and e-mail) and to fill in the basic information for the social enterprise and the organization. After you send the information we will send you an e-mail notifying you that your request for registration is successfully received.   
Your request for registration on the Platform will be reviewed by the Administrator of the website in 7 working days since it has been received. If the information you had sent needs to be edited, we may contact you for additional clarifications within the process of reviewing your request.

Step 2: Approval of the User Profile
After reviewing your request for registration on the Platform and its approval by the Administrator, you will receive an e-mail with a link for activation of the User Profile that you had created. It is possible that you receive a reminding message in case you had not activated your profile in 7 days.

Step 3: Payment of the registration fee
Since your User profile had been approved, you are required to make a payment of a fee of 60 BGN. The fee includes access to the platform for one year. The fee is used by the Administrator for advertisement of the Platform including the preparation of visual and printed materials that are to be used by the social enterprises, for online advertisement and marketing, as well as technical and administrative support of the Platform.

Fee payment information:

Account owner: Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law
ID: 130570377
IBAN: BG16UNCR70001522353187
Sum: 60 BGN

Description: fee for registration on the Platform for products and services with a cause “DarPazar”

Step 4: Approval of the information for the enterprise/organization. After the registration fee has been paid, we will approve the profiles of the enterprise and the organization that you had been created. After the Administrator’s approval they become visible on the Platform. You will be able to edit them, to add information, to upload products and services.

*Important: In case the request for registration had been sent by an organization that is not eligible (see p. 1) or the submitted information is incorrect and has not been corrected within 3 days after you receive a notification from the Administrator or within the deadline negotiated between the two parties, then the request for registration on the Platform will be rejected and a notification for that will be sent to you via e-mail.    

**Important: Any content that has been uploaded to the Platform by the Users becomes visible after approval by the Administrator. In case of initial registration on the Platform, the enterprise/organization will receive instructions for the functions of the Platform, the requirements for preparation of the descriptions and the photos of the products.


3. What information should be submitted?

The information that is required when you submit your request for registration includes:

  • Name of the social enterprise and of the organization, in case they are different entities
  • Address, telephone number, e-mail, website of the social enterprise/organization
  • The mission of the social enterprise/organization
  • Logo/trademark of the organization

Additional data aiming to confirm the credibility of the information submitted with the request for registration could be required by the Administrator while reviewing the request.

4. How the submitted information will be used?

The information for the organization/social enterprise will be published on the Platform and will be visible to all other users and visitors there on. The contact data and the logo/ trademark will be visible next to every product/service offered by the corresponding organization/social enterprise. The full information will be part of the profile of the organization/social enterprise together with all the products and services uploaded by it on the Platform.  
The physical address, the e-mail and the telephone number of the organization/social enterprise will be used by the visitors of the website as well as by the customers of the corresponding organization/social enterprise to contact it. This is why it is necessary to provide accurate data and update it when it had been changed.

5. What is next when the registration of the social enterprise/organization has been approved?

Now you can start uploading the products/services that are to be offered through the Platform.

For that purpose, the organization/social enterprise should enter its User Profile with its Username and Password and use the forms that are available to upload its products and services according to the respectful guidelines. Each product/service will be approved by the Administrator of the website before it becomes visible on the Platform. The Administrator may contact the organization/social enterprise with the request to complete and/ or edit the information for the product/service before they are approved for publication on the Platform.      

Every following change in the information for the product/service should be approved by the Administrator of the Platform.
If you have additional questions related to the management of the User Profile of the organization/social enterprise, including uploading of products/services at the Platform, you may contact the Administrator at hello@darpazar.bg or in working hours (Mon-Fri, 10.00-16.00) on + 359 2 981-66-17.

6. What are the benefits of registration on the Platform?

“DarPazar” is not just an online platform for products and services that are created to support a social cause. The Platform is a place that unites the efforts of the civil society organizations in Bulgaria to improve the world we are living in. And makes them stronger. How? As it gives them the opportunity not only to sell their products and services and in this way - to earn income that will help them be sustainable, but also it gives them space to share – the success stories, that we all need to see, and the good examples that we all need to follow. The Platform is a place that connects– people who want to shop with a cause and with a mission and of civil society organizations to find new fellows.        
The aim of the Platform is to support the development of cause related entrepreneurship. This is why each organization/social enterprise will have free access to trainings and resources related to the use of the Platform and online marketing.

7.What are the responsibilities of the social enterprises/organizations registered on the Platform?

  • To follow the present terms of use and technical requirements
  • To keep the information for the organization/social enterprise updated (name, address, telephone number, etc.)
  • To keep the information on the products/services updated (description, photos, availability)
  • To follow the Common rules of the website including the rules for management of the orders that were submitted such as:

1. To contact the client within the next working day (since the day when the order for a product/service has been received) in order to confirm that the client’s order has been received and to manage the order within 3 working days (if the way of payment has been chosen to be a Bank transfer, the 3 day term starts at the day of receiving the payment)  
2. To take into consideration the way of payment and delivery of the order that have been chosen by the client
3. To explicitly negotiate with the client a longer term for management of the order if such is necessary.
4. To pay 15% commission on the amount (excl. VAT) of any corporate order made through the DarPazar platform, which will be put to use for communicating and administrating the platform. The commission is to be payed to the administrator’s bank account after sending the invoice based on a protocol, received by the social enterprise not later than 5 working days since receiving the payment from the client for which the social enterprise/organization informs the administrator.
5. To manage the orders professionally and in good faith.

  • To follow ethical roles for business activities without misleading or deceptive advertising for the products/services or the cause/mission of the organization/social enterprise.
  • To respect author’s rights over the materials that had been sent for publication on the Platform and to transfer to the Administrator of the website the right to use these materials with the aim of publishing them on the Platform.
  • To reveal personal data information to third parties only if there is a consent that could be a ground on its own or on another ground, that allows the use of that information entirely, in the way and with the aim for which it had been published on the Platform. Agreeing with the present terms of use the organization/social enterprise declares that it bares the whole responsibility for the personal data information of third parties that it had sent including if there is a case of any claims by third parties related to the use and the protection of their personal data published on the Platform. The Administrator of the website cannot be hold responsible for the use of personal data of third parties that had been published on the Platform.
  • To send information on the effect of the shopping with a cause over the activity of the organization/social enterprise when it is required from the Administrator or in a way that has been negotiated in addition with him.
  • To popularize the Platform “DarPazar” in a suitable manner and according to the negotiated way, terms, communication channels, etc. with the Administrator.

“We would like to support the cause related entrepreneurship that you perform as through the Platform we ensure a wider access to the services and products that you provide and a wider visibility of the stories behind these services and products and enlarge your network of fellows so that you become more effective and sustainable in what you are doing best – to work in favour of the society.” – by the Administrator of “DarPazar”, Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law.