Educational wooden clock

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  •  securing the workplace of people with disabilities;
  •  ensuring the possibility of worthy labour and realization and the development of educational materials for preschool and primary school children and children with special educational needs.
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The watch has a diameter of 39 cm and consists of a base with clock hands and 31 moving parts - 12 for the hours, 12 for the minutes (seconds) and 7 for the days of the week. The child learns to place the tokens with the hours and minutes in their correct places . The hour tokens are two-sided and cover all 24 hours a day - if 1 is written on one side, 13 on the other, and so on. The child can use the hour tokens to find out what time it is noon or midnight, as well as when it is morning and evening.

The triangular tiles with the days of the week are placed in their order and related to the present moment. In this way one gets an idea of ​​which day is today, which will be tomorrow and respectively, when was yesterday. 

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